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As a 3M authorized dealer, we can recommend the best marine window film for your wheel house or sky lounge. Fabrics, wallpaper, wood floors, photos and other valuables will fade when unfiltered sun shines through your windows. Fading is caused UAE Car Owners Celebrating 13 years of success.

How much does Car Tinting Cost in Dubai?

We offer best car tinting deals in UAE. While most other window film companies buy their polyester from someone else, 3M innovated the patented window film technology back in , makes its own polyester and continuously improves its components. Get a Quick Quote. Tinting minimizes the effect of heat and protects motorists and their passengers from harmful UV radiations that have been identified as one of the leading causes of skin cancer.

Window Film Dubai - Window Tinting Dubai

They can also damage the upholstery of cars, causing it to fade and age with time. Enhanced Privacy: Using window tinting gives occupants of vehicles the level of privacy they need.

The wide array of shades and colors also add an element of style to your vehicle Reduces Glare: Glare from the sun can obstruct the vision of the motorist while driving, especially if you are driving in the direction of the sun. A tint job minimizes glar, reduces strain on the eyes and reduces the risk of accidents. Enhances Safety: Normal glass shatters into small pieces upon impact in the event of an accident.

These shards of glass can cause grievous harm. Grab the best car tinting deals in Dubai here at Apex Gulf Enterprises, your trusted tinting experts.


For queries, visit our website today! We are an authorized dealer of 3M Tinting in Dubai.

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We provide the best 3M Car Tinting in Dubai. Motor your way in to top deals and savings on driving in Dubai. To find out more, contact us today.

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Enjoy improved privacy, sun protection, and vision on the road, with the help of quality car window tinting in Dubai from Solar Heat Insulation L.