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Put a life size standup of your favorite athlete in your rec room or sports bar and watch the crowd go wild at game time. Collect all the vintage life size standups you see here for the ultimate classic Americana collection. And now you can really make a standup standee your own with the personalization options offered.

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Just think, you can get a Marilyn Monroe cardboard standup and have your head put on her body for the ultimate homage or hilarious gag - just depending on who the gift recipient is! These motion activated voice recorders play a message you record up to 20 seconds long to anyone who comes near. You can even make a life size standee of yourself or someone you know.

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  • Imagine having the guest of honor at a party greet all the guests at the door - without actually being at the door! Your kids will be absolutely thrilled to have a life size cardboard standup of themselves at their next big party for all their friends to sign personalized messages. The options are endless! Limited Time Only! Life Size Political and Patriotic Standees. Life Size Superhero Standees. Life Size American Heros Standees. Life Size Animation Standees. Classic Car Cardboard Cutout.

    Personalized Life Size Cardboard Cutout. Giant Garden Gnome Cardboard Cutout. Giant Money Roll Cardboard Cutout. Lighthouse Cardboard Cutout. Glitter Witch Cardboard Cutout. Gifts by Occasion.

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    6. Life Size Cardboard Cutouts & Photo Cutouts to Enliven a Room.

    Back To School Gifts. Wedding Reception Gifts and Accessories.

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    Gifts for New Baby. Personalized Gifts. Personalized Photo Christmas Stockings. Personalized Architectural Family Name Prints. Personalized Glassware and Barware Accessories. Customer Service. In , the industrialist Hiram Hutchinson gave the Wellington a practical makeover by manufacturing the boot with a rubber exterior, rather than a leather one.

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    He later moved his production to France, where the new rubber boot quickly became popular among French farmers. For the first time ever, farmers had access to a boot that would keep their feet warm and dry while working in the wet, muddy fields. The revised rubber Wellington boot was used by soldiers during both World Wars, and also became popular among laborers and regular consumers during this time.


    Sometime during the mids, Wellington boots made their way "across the pond" to the United States, where they were simply renamed "the rain boot. Close your eyes and imagine that it's sometime during the 10th century in Europe. You see a person wearing high heels. Did you a picture a woman?

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    If so, think again! High heels were originally worn by men, especially those who were part of Europe's elite class. Eventually upper-class European women began wearing heels as well, though it wasn't until the 17th century that heels became a staple for middle-class women too. Bootmakers began adding a high heel to their boots sometime in the mids, especially when they were manufacturing boots for horseback riders and cavalrymen. As the years went on and high heels grew to be associated with women's fashion more than men's fashion, bootmakers began to adapt their boots to reflect the current feminine trends and styles.

    For instance, during the s many heeled boots featured exposed button closures, which were popular among fashion-conscious Victorian era women. Modern heeled boots provide length, height, and sophistication, and have been modeled after a number of other boot types including the Wellington boot and riding boots.

    Heeled boots may feature stiletto heels, chunky heels, or anything in between, and their boot shaft lengths may range from ankle-high to over-the-knee. A stylish type of footwear that's a hybrid between a shoe and a boot, "booties" also called "ankle boots" or "shooties" have the general shape of a boot, but end right at or just above the ankle. Booties are sleek, understated, and modern in appearance - which makes it all the more surprising that these boot-hybrids actually originated in the s! Booties were popular among both men and women throughout most of the s, and often had elastic siding - a look that still remains popular today.

    Many 19th century booties featured laces along the front of the boot or buttons along the side of the boot, although these types of embellishments varied greatly depending on the specific fashion trends of the decade. During the 20th century, booties were adapted to serve a more practical purpose during the cold, wet winter months. This updated style of bootie featured a rubber sole to prevent slips on wet or icy sidewalks, as well as a layer of warm wool lining inside the shoe to help keep the wearer warm.

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    Modern booties feature a wide array of materials and styles. While some booties have remained true to the "rubber craze" of the s, others are made of leather or even suede. Some modern booties also contain laces, metal clasps, zippers, cutouts, or other decorative additions. Throughout history, booties and ankle boots have remained a popular choice for women, particularly for those who need a comfortable yet attractive shoe for running daily errands. Today, booties are often paired with sleek, casual clothing items like skinny jeans, leggings, and pencil skirts.

    Sporting the oldest history of any boot type on this list, leather riding boots were first worn by horseback riders in the 10th century.

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    Riding boots were developed to make horseback riding more comfortable, and have a number of design features that are rooted in functionality, practicality, and even safety. The knee-high boot shaft was designed to protect the rider's leg from the stiff leather saddle, and the sturdy, rigid toe was intended to protect their foot in case it was stepped on by a horse.

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    Additionally, the prominent heel was used to help keep the foot secure in the stirrup. Thanks in part to their association with prestigious equestrian sports like polo, racing, and English riding, riding boots have become an icon of luxury and style. While traditional riding boots are still used by horseback riders today, non-riders have also taken notice of riding boots and have incorporated them into their wardrobes.

    Modern riding boots have been redesigned to feature a lower a heel, and may contain a number of additional decorative features like straps and buckles. However, most knee-high boots have retained their classic and understated appearance, contributing to their timelessness. A variation of the popular Wellington boot, cowboy boots were first worn by - yep, you guessed it! The Wellington had been the go-to boot choice for cowboys since the start of the Industrial Revolution, but the cattle drive era of — gave way to a more decorative and stylish type of boot that was still suitable for farm and ranch environments.

    Bootmakers in key cattle ranching areas like Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas eagerly adopted the growing "cowboy boot" trend, and cowboys began wearing them during their long-haul cattle drives. Because they were developed with cowboys in mind, cowboy boots have a number of features and design elements that are unique from any other boot type.